What an important and sad eyeopener.

If we were to make a comparable analysis of ethnic European Whites in roles of influence and leadership the decline would be similarly stark. Looking at the leadership of Ivy League institutions for instance, it is primarily non-Whites like Larry Bacow, President at Harvard, Christopher Eisgruber, President at Princeton, etc. The media has a similar bias with non-Whites like Brian Roberts of Comcast, Bob Iger of Disney and others.

It seems like the antiwhite bias in media creates the antiwhite bias in policy, and stems from non-ethnic European Whites in leadership positions.

It seems impossible for there to be policy changes while antiwhites maintain key positions in the most influential of institutions in White-founded countries, as the antiwhite policies themselves seem crafted to favor non-White preferences.

Until that power imbalance can be communicated to the majority of Whites, and persuade them, we will maintain the rapid decline of the status quo.

Do you have comparable data for any other White countries? Great work!

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