I live in Oklahoma and the White families that I am descended from settled this land as pioneers before statehood. They moved here after the Tyrant Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression destroyed what their American Revolutionary grandparents had built in the American South.

The American Indians have been engaged in miscegenation and many are more White than red. Still, there are many more White folks living in the areas now recently even more controlled by tribes after the McGirt Decision.

The areas that are under control of the tribes have been owned and improved by White families for generations. I will not advocate for their removal and relocation.

This is a complicated issue that is even more complicated when realizing that a large amount of Whites are now being “governed” by a very small number of Indians without any form of citizenship to instill their inherent rights. This will lead to conflict and Whites will win.

With the legalization of gambling, I suspect that the long nose tribe has been planting themselves in key roles to influence the Indians in their fleecing of the White man.

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"Land Acknowledgements", are really an abrogation of a nation's claims on its land. Of course, they are also a claim by, or in the name of, a different people on the land. In other words, these are rival claims; an act of subterfuge and a prelude to an act of aggression.

The Biden Regime has many cabinet ministers who open every meeting with such declarations. I hate to resort to international law and the people who arbitrate it. Do we have recourse to it, and if so do we want to subject ourselves to it to defend our land? I suspect we are better off going another route.

In any case, these seem like acts of treason and/or declarations of war. Can they be seen as such from a legal standpoint? If so, should we start petitioning to try these ministers for treason?

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