Nov 30, 2023·edited Nov 30, 2023

I agree this is an urgent problem. But two objections: first, these problems will simply never be solved within the context of "democratic" government. Second, it is fairly clear that while Hispanic migration is larger in number, the repatriation of "black" Americans would go much further to solve social problems.

But why can't we do both?

I support Black Zionism, and you should too. Everyone should know about Marcus Garvey and Liberia. If I were black, I'd seriously consider repatriation, even without legal or social impetus or coercion. But as long as "democracy" is in place, this will never happen, for obvious reasons. It is natural for every group to want to dominate in their environs, not retreat to some ancestral homeland.

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As per the ringing statement made within the article, 'The American State is the most well-resourced institution in human history, and the American economy one of the most resourceful in the world.' Given her administrative capabilites (i.e. The American State), the imperative for white survival (I'm sensing) is gradually solidifying.

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