The White-Papers Podcast
The White-Papers Podcast - e36

The White-Papers Podcast - e36

James and Cyan return!

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Hosts James and Cyan return for a regular White-Papers podcast to discuss some of the pieces and posts of the last several weeks. The discussion starts with a review of the situation around representative Josh Schriver being stripped of the privileges of his office by Michigan’s Black Speak of the House, Joe Tate. The discussion moves on to lawfare against both VDare and Trump by the Black Attorney General of New York, and to how this effects the freedoms of political advocates.

The pair later move onto discuss Nayib Bukele’s radical reforms in El Salvador, and then move on to how changing demographics mean that the political rights and freedoms which Whites hold dear are threatened.

Check out the previous show with Keith Woods:

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The White-Papers Podcast
James (the Editor) and White-Papers project member Cyan review and comment on the writings and event of the week!