Jul 30 • 1HR 27M

The White-Papers Podcast - e15 - With Jared Taylor!

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James (the Editor) and White-Papers project member Cyan review and comment on the writings and event of the week!
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While James is away, Cyan welcomes Jared Taylor of American Renaissance to the program!

Mr. Taylor is the founder and editor of the nonprofit publisher and race-realist webzine American Renaissance. He graduated from Yale University and earned his masters in international economics at the Paris Institute of Political Studies. His latest book is If We Do Nothing: Essays and Reviews from 25 Years of White Advocacy available here.

The two cover:

- Why do we need White advocacy?
- What is Race Realism? Is Western Civilization the same as White Civilization?
- How did Jared Taylor discover the importance of understanding racial differences?
- How did the universities become anti-White?
- What did America’s founders think about race?
- Can American identity be understood as White identity any longer?
- How much more ethnic violence and tragedy such as the recent French riots need we endure before Whites finally stick up for themselves and their societies?
- How can you meet other White Advocates?

Please come visit both of us at the American Renaissance conference August 11 - 13th. Sign up at AmRen.com!